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Common cuttlefish

© Dan Bolt

CCI is the first UK non-governmental organisation that is dedicated to the conservation of the common cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis).

We are CCI

We are creating a sustainable future for cuttlefish through...


supporting collaborative research into cuttlefish


promoting evidence-based, effective management


increasing sustainability in the uk cuttlefish fishery

Log cuttlefish sightings in our flagship citizen science project


Support our work by getting yourself some CCI designs

Cuttlefish group, Porthkerris 1 RJ2 (Paul Naylor 07041 351307) (1).jpg
Cuttlefish, Brighton Pier 2 RJ2 (Paul Naylor marinephoto).jpg
Cuttlefish x3, Porthkerris 4 RJ2 (Paul Naylor marinephoto).jpg
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